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Explore the Basics of Link Popularity

Produce Targeted Traffic Through Link Exchanges

Want to improve your website's Link Popularity or just figure out what it means? Need more targeted traffic? On a tight budget?

Well using Reciprocal Links or Link Exchanges, as a means of promoting your website, product, or service can be a very effective and inexpensive way to help your website grow and succeed online.

Developing quality inbound links is critical for search engine rankings, yet most webmasters do not really understand the basics behind good link building strategies. is dedicated to helping you improve your website's search engine visibility, targeted traffic, and link popularity affordably, properly, and quickly. We have pulled together articles, reviews, resources, plus our own unique, time saving link tools to give you a hand in getting those links and improving your link popularity.

“Why should I worry or care about link exchanges or link building?”

How do normal "brick & mortar" businesses get the word out about their product or service? Networking!

Well the same principle holds true for the website of any business or organization, except it is called link building.

Being successful on the Internet means having people find your website and for people to find it, it has to be "visible" in the major search engines and directories.

Building inbound links through reciprocal link exchanges is a simple yet very powerful website promotional tool. If done correctly, increasing your linkage will:

  • increase your traffic significantly
  • improve your visibility in the search engines by raising your link popularity
  • provide an added resource to your website
  • save you a lot of advertising money is here to be your source of information when it comes to using link building as a form of website promotion. We know from first hand knowledge how it works and how to get it done. Linking is a terrific traffic building tool that just simply works-no gimmicks, no hype, just results.

How did you find this website? Through a link.....

“What Do I Need To Know to Get My Link Building Going?”

Before you start, you need to know that the largest drawback with building one's link popularity properly is TIME. It takes time to:

  • find the websites to link with
  • make the link requests
  • wait on those link requests
  • process, organize, and manage the links
  • have the search engines find or "spider" your link partners
  • check to see if your links are still on your partner's websites

This is where comes in.

This website was created to assist you in making your link building and
website promotion easier and faster.

Can Linking101 help you? YES! So where does your website stand? Why not check your link popularity?

Our Totally Risk-Free Link Tools

All Link products come with a 42 day satisfaction guarantee. If they don't help you increase your links and you don't see a dramatic improvement in your traffic and rankings, we will refund your money!

Link Building Basics E-Guide:

“You won't find another ebook like this!”
A comprehensive, step by step guide on how to find and use reciprocal links to build your website's link popularity. With over 95 pages of articles, links, listings, commentary, etc. this regularly updated E-Guide gives you the background information, shows you where to go, and what to do to get the links.

This "do-it-yourself", time saving guide is ideal for those new to linking and those with limited budgets. Want more information? See our detailed Link Building Basics E-Guide Section


Link Management Script: UPDATED JULY 2006!

“Total automation with total control!”
Make it easy for your visitors to exchange links with you. With our script, no more having to type or cut & paste links! All administrative functions (add, edit, delete links, automatically check for your link) are done online, quickly, and easily.
Unlike many other programs, you are immediately notified when a new link is added, so you make the final decision to accept or reject the request.

This powerful and fully supported script can be working on your website within minutes of the purchase.

Ready to put your linking on automatic? See our detailed Link Management Script Section

WebLog Script:

"All you need to do is write!"
Blogs or weblogs represent the newest avenue for webmasters to interact with their visitors. WebLog are excellent content management tools and a natural link building tool. Our newest script, provides you with an easy to use and install webLog. As administrator, you control categories, the main entries, plus you can edit all visitor comments.

Want to try this powerful traffic building technique? See our detailed WebLog Script Section.


Our On-Line Link Building Resources

Linking101 is broken into 5 primary sections: Reciprocal Links, Link Popularity, General Link Building, Articles, and Reviews. Each section provides background information and selected links or tools to help you learn more. Just click on the topic link below to start.

Reciprocal Links: The mutual agreement between two web sites to display the other's link somewhere on their website. Also known as a link exchange.

Link Popularity: A measure of a website's on-line visibility through the number of the links pointing to it. This is the reason why link building or link campaigns are becoming so critical for webmasters.

General Link Building: The overall process and philosophy behind the establishing of a website's on-line presence. Link exchanges is just part of the process, a fact many webmasters forget or don't realize.

Articles: A number of current articles dealing with linking and and other related promotional issues.

Reviews: Monthly reviews on one of the many link programs, sites, and/or link related services on the Internet.


What are people saying about

" is a clearinghouse of articles, reviews, e-guides and newsletters dedicated to helping you improve your site's link popularity. Site creator Larry Sullivan has pulled together in one place a great collection of resources and time-saving link tools, including guest expert articles on linking topics and reviews of link programs, websites and services."
-Larry C (Web Digest For Marketers)

"Larry, you have a great site! I am so glad I found it, and through a link exchange search no less! Your site is absolutely ESSENTIAL for any web marketer interested in driving traffic to their sites for free through reciprocal linking. I ought to know, since I have done as much research on the subject as anyone, (except maybe you!), and there are few sites that come close to the information and community of "Link Minded" people you have at Linking 101. Keep up the great work!"
- Jack H (Power-Linking-Profits, WebmasterTrafficTools)

"I like what you have done here. I have bookmarked your site so I may return for further discoveries. You have a lot of information here to read. Thanks."
-Greg H (Greg's WebWorx & Design)

"From doing search engine optimization for a living and having the never-ending desire to learn, I can tell you from my research that there's way to many guru's and not enough 'straight shooters' on the net. - With that said...I just want to thank you for providing such genuine linking resource that anyone can learn from."
-Shaan Y (

"As a web marketer and developer with extensive industry experience, I've seen all sorts of "experts" make amazing, yet false claims as to the success rates of their search engine/traffic generation strategies. It's great to see a "meat and potatoes", plain English approach to web site promotion through solid reciprocal linking strategies.

Larry provides his advice based not on bleeding edge theories or what he has heard from others, but on what he has actually implemented himself and found to be successful. Anyone following Larry's advice is sure to improve their inbound links, a crucial factor in gaining good search engine rankings and increasing web site traffic.
- Michael B (Tamingthebeast)

Linking101 sets the standard. It is the most comprehensive guide to link popularity by far.
-André le Roux, Author, Search Engine Yearbook
Editor, Pandecta Magazine



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